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Can Beauty Be Defined?

The concept of beauty is such a pervasive thing in our culture currently. I suppose it always has been, but I tend to think it’s gotten more aggressively ingrained into our society over the past handful of decades. Beauty in terms of self-image is something people as young as pre-teens are forced to define for themselves. Or rather, instead of defining it for themselves, it might be more accurate to say that pre-teens succumb to whatever is deemed to be appropriate in the realm of beauty by outside influences. (Who are these outside influences? I don’t know! But someone made up the idea that slicked back ponytails with perfectly poufy, wispy bangs was a cool thing when I was 12, and it WASN’T ME! But I succumbed….Oh, so unfortunately.) On the other hand, beauty in a more broad sense of the term, outside of physical appearance, is something you don’t really understand until you experience it as you grow into adulthood. Even now, it’s kind of a complex thing to try to wrap my head around or define. There have been times in my life when I thought I understood beauty, but looking back, I know I was so naïve. (White eyeliner and pencil-thin eyebrows of my 90’s middle school career, I’m lookin’ at you!) It’s such a process, I think, especially as a woman, to come to terms with your own personal interpretation of beauty.

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3 Ways to Start Living a Life You Love

In my post, Why I Left a “Good” Job, I explained a bit about my career journey so far. I talked about making a big change to pay more attention to what makes me happy, and touched a little bit on exactly how I’m doing it. Today, I want to delve a little deeper, so here’s a bit of advice from me, for what it’s worth, on three ways you can look internally to know where you may want to make adjustments of your own, to begin to live a life you truly love. These things are, in a nutshell, what I have been working on doing, and they are inspired from a number of sources: from books I’ve read, articles I’ve seen, and from my spiritual life coach.

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Monday Motivation

It’s Day Light Saving’s time, and all over the internet, I’ve been seeing posts about everyone struggling to adjust to the “lost” hour. It’s a rough thing to deal with, and in case you need a little extra motivation to get you through this week, I thought I’d share some of my favorite quotes:

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Friday Favorites – 3.11.16

Happy Friday!
I have been continuing writing in my gratitude journal, and it’s amazing what can happen when you focus on the good stuff. I believe that if you put yourself on the wavelength that you want to be on, the universe will conspire to bring you more things that match that wavelength…More things that you want, that will contribute to your happiness. You’ll be more apt to come across things that are right for you, because you’re on the right path. A few positive things have happened for me in the past week or so, and I will want to share them with you soon.
For now, let’s get into my favorite things from this week!

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Recipe: Delicious Pizza Without the Cheese

Okay, so I know this might sound really lame and boring, but I promise I’d never lead you down that type of road. How can you make dairy-free pizza? Can pizza without cheese even be rightfully called “pizza”? Well, I’m here to tell you that you can make it very easily, and yes, you can still call it pizza. And it’s good. I know, I know – you don’t believe me. But even if you aren’t a dairy-avoiding monster like me, I think you could be pleasantly surprised at how delicious this recipe can be.

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Giving Up Dairy Gave Me the Best Skin of My Life

“Are you lactose intolerant?” Is usually the first question people ask when they find out that I don’t eat dairy. My quick answer is: “No, it doesn’t bother my stomach at all.” I go on to explain that I’ve had “bad” skin my whole life, and I found that when I don’t eat dairy, I don’t break out! That’s the short version. Here’s a more detailed account of it all:

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Friday Favorites – 2.26.16

Keeping a daily journal of the things I’m grateful for has been a practice I have gone in and out of for years now. It keeps me in the mindset of positivity – and based the law of attraction, focusing on the things I’m grateful for in life should, in turn, bring more things to be grateful for! I’ve recently picked this habit back up since I began working with a spiritual life coach in November. One of her biggest recommendations for me is to list 5 things per day.
If you haven’t kept a gratitude journal for yourself before, I definitely recommend trying it. You can keep your journal by way of an app on your phone, or hand write it in a journal like I do. This practice really helps to keep life in perspective.

Here on Friday Favorites, I’d like to share snippets of my gratitudes in the form of a short list of my “favorites” each week.

I hope you enjoy!

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Why I Left a “Good” Job

If you read the Welcome post, then you know that I left a job at the end of last year…and I want to explain a bit! Making that change is what gave me the push to start this blog, so it feels really relevant. It’s going to be a long post, but its information I want to put out there. Bear with me! So, the reason that this is a big deal is because I didn’t have a new, full time, benefit-paying job lined up to replace the job I left. There are a few reasons I did this, and they are all part of my biggest revelation to date.

Keep reading to find out more about this revelation and how you can apply it to your own life if you so choose!

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Thank you for checking out Cultivated Revelations: A Conscious Lifestyle Blog.  Here, we’ll talk about life, food, beauty and home, but delve deeper; get to the bottom of stuff. It’ll be cool. I’ve long been a fan of lifestyle blogs and vlogs, but I usually end up craving more information about things. I am always curious about where the things I use came from, what ingredients are in them and what it all means. So, we’ll explore all that!

Alright, so let’s break it down: where did the name “Cultivated Revelations” come from?

Well, I think of a revelation as a moment that you learn something completely new, when things just click, an “a-ha!” moment, or a moment when you string two ideas together to realize a concept is even cooler than you thought. A revelation could be as simple as figuring out how to successfully cook a new recipe, or as serious as the day you fell in love with your spouse. Okay, but what exactly does it mean to “cultivate” a revelation? To cultivate is to nurture or take care of something. To me, it’s a purposeful support of something. Examining. Improving. Growing! So, cultivated revelations are when you take something beyond an “a-ha” moment – ask more questions, take it to the next level. It makes me think of the ever-popular Socrates quote, “The un-examined life is not worth living.” I’ll admit, when I was younger, I remember hearing that quote and thinking how boring it sounded. I thought, “Who wants to examine their life? Who cares? Just live!” But now, I see what the guy meant. It’s important to me that I examine the things I learn, to understand how I can apply new ideas and become more and more whole; to cultivate my revelations, if you will.

My life has certainly been dynamic one so far. It has recently taken a sharp, new turn as I decided to leave my corporate job after 7 years to pursue a more balanced and happy state of being. The process of leaving what a lot of people would call a “good” job for the hope of a better life has shown me amazing revelations. It has given me tremendous courage, re-organized my priorities, and opened my eyes to new perspectives and ways of thinking that I didn’t even know were there.

I operate on a belief system that we do not know it all, even when we think we do. So, although I have knowledge and beliefs that I currently hold – I always try to suspend judgment and know that around the corner, we may discover newer, better things that trump or disprove what we previously thought was correct or “the best.”

My goal is to facilitate conversation and I am always interested in hearing others’ opinions or views or knowledge, so please always feel free to share yours! I want to allow for new revelations to occur all the time. Life is a wonderful discovery process, it’s all an experiment, and I’m excited to share and cultivate my revelations with you.

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