I have long been a fan of Instagram. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, and it seems everyone became a semi-professional photographer when Instagram popped onto the social media scene years back. What started out as sort of an eye-roll inducing “hipster” and fake filter-ridden app has become something that most people now embrace as another useful tool in self expression and social connection. I love browsing my feed to keep up with what my friends and family are up to, but also to find inspiration from other bloggers, YouTubers, fashion designers, beauty brands, celebrities and more. Since I am constantly hearing people ask the question, “Do you follow ___________?” and then sharing funny or beautiful or inspirational accounts with each other, I thought I’d round up a few of my most-loved Instagram accounts and share them with you today!

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I Covet Thee
A charming beauty & lifestyle YouTuber with a light & airy aesthetic and an adorable accent, follow I Covet Thee’s creator, Alix, for a dose of pretty and simple beauty, style, home decor and general life inspiration. She edits her Instagram photos to be beautiful and bright, and she is a breath of fresh air.

Cultivated Revelations - Favorite Instagrammers

Denise Bidot
A gorgeous and trail-blazing model, I follow Denise Bidot for a dose of feminist beauty, fashion and real life inspiration. She shares her modeling photos, as well as every-day, minimal or no makeup snaps. Denise shines a light on the topic of being totally comfortable in your real skin and I am so thankful for that.

Cultivated Revelations - Favorite Instagrammers

Frank Prisinzano
He calls himself a food choreographer, and that’s the most perfect description for what he does and what he shares on Instagram. A chef and restaurant owner, he often posts videos of food, set to music and with the most outrageous descriptions. Sometimes commenting with #NSFW words, I really identify with this man. Do yourself a favor and check this account out! It’s pure fun. It’s mesmerizing and magical. I’ve eaten at one of his restaurants, Supper, in NYC and it shot to the top of my list of favorite spots. Frank is a true food porn creator.

Cultivated Revelations - Favorite Instagrammers - Frank Prisinzano

My all-time favorite beauty & lifestyle YouTuber, follow her Instagram (and her YouTube channel) to see easy, no non-sense fashion and beauty. You also will catch glimpses of her life, and now that she’s a mom, you’ll get to see pictures of her impossibly adorable and stylish red-headed daughter, Olivia. Really, guys, I can’t get enough of this one.

Cultivated Revelations - Favorite Instagrammers - MakeUpByTiffanyD

Paper Fashion
Known for creating beautiful and simple “shadow dancers,” and in more mediums than just paint (think sand, snow, glitter and even paper), artist Katie Rodgers is a true visionary. Often sharing videos of her painting dresses, dancers, women’s faces and more, it’s fascinating to watch her art grow and evolve through her Instagram account. Her work is truly perfect.

Cultivated Revelations - Favorite Instagrammers - Paper Fashion