It’s Easter weekend! In today’s installment of Friday Favorites, I wanted to celebrate the holiday a little bit. I always love when Easter rolls around, and it’s for a few reasons. Number one: it means it’s almost my birthday. I turn 30 on April 11th! Number two: it means it’s Springtime! And in New England, that’s typically a very welcome happening. Number three: Because of the change of seasons and the symbolism of the Easter holiday, it feels like a chance for renewal and rebirth to me. I’m looking forward to celebrating all these things with family over the weekend, and I hope you get some time to enjoy it for yourself this weekend, too! Read on for a few things I’m loving this week.

Favorite activity

I have three best friends who I am blessed to live very close to, and we get together fairly often where we sit around, chat, drink wine and eat snacks. This week, we did all those things but also decorated some Easter eggs. That’s something adults do, right?! It was fun and actually really relaxing! I’ll be decorating another batch of eggs with my family tonight; we do it every year, and it’s such a fun tradition – we go all out with glue guns, glitter and dye.

Cultivated Revelations - Friday Faves: Easter edition
{Egg decorating with friends}

Favorite recipe

My mother usually hosts Easter dinner for our extended family, and does an amazing job of cooking of the main dishes. I’m usually more concerned about desserts, so I have been on the hunt for a perfect Springtime treat. This strawberry pie is a strong contender! (Full recipe on Lemon Tree Dwelling’s Blog here)

Cultivated revelations - Friday Faves: Strawbery Pie Recipe from Lemon Tree Dwelling{Image from Lemon Tree Dwelling}

Favorite Food

I’m going to venture out and say that Easter might be the best holiday for candy. The jelly beans, egg-shaped everything and fresh colors are so delicious in their simplicity. Cadbury mini eggs are the one can’t-live-without for me. This year, I discovered a dark chocolate version, and though I thought they looked more like dinosaur eggs (as evidenced by my Snapchat), I’m still fully embracing this variation on a classic!

Cultivated Revelations - Friday Faves: easter candy

Favorite spring-inspired reminder

Cultivated Revelations: Friday Faves - Springtime reminder

Happy Easter!! xox