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The Best Dairy Alternatives

If you read my post couple weeks back where I explained my experience giving up dairy, you already know why and how I did it. Over the years of talking to others about this subject, I’ve heard a lot of people say how hard it must be to give up such an ingrained food group. “I could never give up cheese!” or “How do you live without ice cream?!” and I get it, I really do! It’s kind of rough in the beginning, but I’ve figured out ways to make sure I’m not missing out. The benefits definitely outweigh any inconvenience for me.

The great news is, over the past few years, dairy-free products have gained popularity, and food companies are taking notice. Dairy alternatives are getting better and better, and there are so many options for me to continue to enjoy all the dairy foods I used to love.

Inspired by the holy grail of ice cream – Ben & Jerry’s – finally introducing their dairy-free version of the treat, I thought I’d share some of my favorite dairy-alternative products today! This way, if you are considering trying to reduce or eliminate your intake of dairy, you have some options to help ease you into it.

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Recipe: Delicious Pizza Without the Cheese

Okay, so I know this might sound really lame and boring, but I promise I’d never lead you down that type of road. How can you make dairy-free pizza? Can pizza without cheese even be rightfully called “pizza”? Well, I’m here to tell you that you can make it very easily, and yes, you can still call it pizza. And it’s good. I know, I know – you don’t believe me. But even if you aren’t a dairy-avoiding monster like me, I think you could be pleasantly surprised at how delicious this recipe can be.

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Giving Up Dairy Gave Me the Best Skin of My Life

“Are you lactose intolerant?” Is usually the first question people ask when they find out that I don’t eat dairy. My quick answer is: “No, it doesn’t bother my stomach at all.” I go on to explain that I’ve had “bad” skin my whole life, and I found that when I don’t eat dairy, I don’t break out! That’s the short version. Here’s a more detailed account of it all:

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