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Think Dirty App: How to Know if Your Beauty Products are Safe

When I heard about the Think Dirty app a couple of weeks ago, I was intrigued and excited. After learning, years ago, that beauty and personal care products can contain potentially harmful chemicals and ingredients, I began to scour the ingredient lists of all the products I’d buy. However, it’s hard to know what’s good and what’s bad! I mean, I understand the big ones: parabens, sulfates, petrolatum and aluminum (all ingredients that are very common in beauty and personal care products, but have been shown to have direct links to cancer or other scary health side effects.) Beyond that, I’m kind of lost. You might even be lost with those ingredients alone! It’s difficult to keep up, and the U.S. has the least amount of regulation than almost any country in terms of what is allowed to be in personal care products. Other countries have a slew of banned ingredients that are a-okay by our standards….scary. So, we can’t rely on companies to make the right decision. Really, we can’t trust that something is safe just because it’s available for purchase. I wish we could, and maybe someday we will. So, every time I buy a new product, I kind of just look for the shortest ingredient list and then cross my fingers and hope I’m making the right decision. Well, I won’t be doing that any more with Think Dirty! It does a lot of the work for me. It’s a free app, and its motto is: “Think dirty, shop clean.”

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Can Beauty Be Defined?

The concept of beauty is such a pervasive thing in our culture currently. I suppose it always has been, but I tend to think it’s gotten more aggressively ingrained into our society over the past handful of decades. Beauty in terms of self-image is something people as young as pre-teens are forced to define for themselves. Or rather, instead of defining it for themselves, it might be more accurate to say that pre-teens succumb to whatever is deemed to be appropriate in the realm of beauty by outside influences. (Who are these outside influences? I don’t know! But someone made up the idea that slicked back ponytails with perfectly poufy, wispy bangs was a cool thing when I was 12, and it WASN’T ME! But I succumbed….Oh, so unfortunately.) On the other hand, beauty in a more broad sense of the term, outside of physical appearance, is something you don’t really understand until you experience it as you grow into adulthood. Even now, it’s kind of a complex thing to try to wrap my head around or define. There have been times in my life when I thought I understood beauty, but looking back, I know I was so naïve. (White eyeliner and pencil-thin eyebrows of my 90’s middle school career, I’m lookin’ at you!) It’s such a process, I think, especially as a woman, to come to terms with your own personal interpretation of beauty.

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